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outdated web design trends

6 Outdated Web Design Trends You Need To Forget In 2017

Comic Sans, Scrolling Marquees, Hit Counters, Animated GIFs, and the all-time famous “under construction” pages, instantly take you back to the 90’s in terms of web design trends. However, the advancement of technology has been tremendous ever since. Marketing and communication trends have changed as well and as a result there has been a lot
Modern Web Design Trends

5 Modern Web Design Trends That You Need to Follow

Judging a book by its cover can be avoided but to be judged by the design of your website is for certain. The progress of web design has been so immense that every year exciting and latest web design trends are coming up and more and more creative and unique techniques are being used by web
Logo Design Essentials

Logo Design Essentials- Things to Remember When Designing Logos

Research becomes key for any successful logo designer. What are the elements that have given success to the top logo designs? It becomes very important to study success and failures in terms of logo design for a good logo designer to gauge and learn from other logo designer’s mistakes. Following is a list of essential
Effective & Smart Brand Strategy

Effective & Smart Brand Strategy For Improving Website’s Search Metrics

Attracting traffic is the foremost step towards the success of a newly developed website. After being prominent at the task of getting more than sufficient web traffic, you should aim next at having viewers (potential clients) engaged for a longer period. This will not just increase your SEO ranking but also result in better conversions.
E-commerce-Marketing & Branding Strategies

Marketing & Branding Strategies For E-commerce Business To The Next Level

One of the main reasons for losing on potential customers is not knowing how to brand your company properly. Now a days the term “branding” is used a lot in the marketing world since digital media has become crucial to survive in these times. If you focus significantly on the branding of your company, you
Social Media Marketing Strategies

Winning Social Media Strategies From a Master Marketer

What used to be an infant industry just around a decade earlier, social media is on its’ highest ever rise as of 2017. Let us be honest; seeing the swift success of online social networking companies, it is probable that a large number of us if not the entirety have at some point come across