How to Make Unique Web Layout

Creating a unique web layout is a challenging and difficult task. Rather than opting easiness in designing go for unique and creative ways of creating layouts. Being a designer especially if you’re new, you definitely required some skills, research or even experience. So, study what others are doing, what kind of web layouts are emerging in the market, how designers work and so on.

These are the things you can do to make a unique web layout:

Start From Rebuilding

Redoing the old web layout is a professional way to go in designing. You can use this technique for learning and practice but don’t make redoing your habit. Recreate the layout that you or someone has already done in the past and make them more productive.

Think Out of the Box

Always try to think out of the box. Try different layouts and explore how new ideas work in the market. Study some trendy techniques that standout your design from the market. Thinking outside the box can help you to establish uniqueness.

Blank Canvas

Many designers use different colors for the background. But, sometimes it can ruin the website. Because you don’t know what color your client will prefer or choose in future. So, start with the blank canvas.

Proper Grid is a Need

Grids are important in making a strong layout. They are important web designing tool for organizing space, text and pictures. Designers can go without grids, but using grids are always better. Because Grids give more clarity to users in finding their required information and also your layout structure should have clarity.


The more complex the layout is, the more troubling it would be for the users to navigate. On the other hand, simple layout is more responsive; easy to use. Consider this point and create the simple layout.

Be Creative with Typography

Typography is important for the layout. They set the tone and message of a website. As

‘95% of your web content is typography’

So, explore different typefaces and choose the best one. Be creative and consistent with the typography and make your layout more fascinating. Don’t use more than three different fonts and avoid excessive use of characters. It’s ideal to use less than 60 characters in a line.

Communicate with Your Client

Try to know what client needs or like in a layout. Every single thing matters. It is better to communicate with the client instead of creating a bad design. Customers are prior but don’t neglect the aspects of creativity in layout designing. Share your opinions and suggest the best options. But do not firmly stick with your views.


• Nearly 70% of users spend time on websites that exquisitely designed than something ordinary.

• 38% of customers will leave a website if they found layout unappealing

• Nearly half of the people cited a website’s design as the topmost factor in determining the business’ worth

• You have just 10 seconds to impress and define your services to the visitors

Undoubtedly, every other web designer desires to stand out from their competitors; wants to be unforgettable. Unfortunately, crafting a unique website layouts is not exactly the stress-free task. But above steps might helpful for you.

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