Why Your Website Design Isn't that Important?

I have recently come across one of my friend who’s a great web designer. Talking to him about on different topics, I asked him about his work. He said fine, but he was looking sad. I asked the reason. He said that being a designer, my responsibility is to make sure my design is good enough to please the client and his/her customers. But, it is not just a design that makes everything good. It is content, too. No matter how good your web design is, if its failure to possess a valuable content relevant to business and relevant to customers’ preferences, then it will not provide you any paybacks.

It is true. In today’ world, design and content are both of significant worth. You have to give importance to both. Your website design is like a frame and exterior for your content whereas content is the rest of the dynasty.

Let’s suppose; you hire a designer for your website whom you consider proficient enough for this job. It is natural to expect him to give you the best and the most appealing site. You are also hoping him to optimize it for search engine optimization. You’re thinking him to incorporate his all knowledge and ample experience to make your site user-friendly--- and it’s sure after all he got a fantastic portfolio. Now it’s something funny but you ‘are dreaming that he will come up with a site that grabs everyone ‘attraction. Everyone will fall in love with your site one it gets done. It is good to expect about website’s design, but it is not wise to restrict your expectation with just design. Website content is also crucial, and for many, it is more than design.

The point is, the design of the website should not be left entirely to the designer or to think only about design. What is more important, when you have your lovely site, is you promoting it. Well once you have your website designed, don’t get enthralled with its appearance. Instead, spend some quality time on drawing the number of customers that are interested in your business or want to buy your product or services.

Work almost antagonistically on building your mailing list. Spend most of your time researching and writing up quality content. Share your content and engage with your customers on different social media platforms.  Build your online and offline brand. And then do what should be on your list of priorities, use your website to grow your brand image, a loyal following and of course product sales.

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