5 Amazing Tips to Create Awesome Explainer Video

Explainer videos are online videos used to explain company's product or services. They are being used for marketing by many entrepreneurs and venders. They are meek, not too lengthy, defined and entertaining that focus on explaining a business idea in a convincing and pleasing way, by using appealing and attractive visuals, a clear and concise language that grabs the viewer's attention more quickly. There are two types of explainer videos: educational and informational. These videos can help your customers understanding their problems and give the best reason to choose your product/service.

Main Characteristics

Want to know? What makes these videos different from any other marketing video? Check out their main attributes!

  • They are short and straightforward. The average video is no longer than 60 seconds.
  • They deliver a simple and clear message by using the classical storyline structure of “what,” “how” and “why.”
  • They always pay attention to target audience and the problems they’re facing. In fact, they’re created to meet the requisites of the spectators and to make them feel recognized with the company's plan.
  • To extract the maximum result, these videos tend to be high-quality to make the company stand out from the opposition.
  • They are use animated characters to offer a fun touch to their spectators and generates a secure connection with them.
  • To spawn strong brand recognition, they use the look & feel of the brand's identity.
  • To narrate a story, increase engagement and to set the mood, these videos have compelling music and sound effects.

They are also featured with a specialized voiceover performer that bring to light what is being shown on screen

Here are 5 Tips to Create Excellent Explainer Videos

Start off with the Problem!

It is always good to start with the problem of customer the product can solve. Offer the state of affairs of the problem. In fact, your product should be the solution to a problem. Therefore, the video that is used for product marketing should be created with the idea of problem-solving. It’s essential to make your audience identify with the problem. The issue should account for about one of the four to one of the three of the entire video. Or else you lose your audience attention towards problem in the first few seconds. Once you exemplify the problem, you need a transition into the solution.

Don’t Use Real Screenshots!

Explainer videos should be animated, and the demonstration of how the product works should be intellectual as much as possible. When creating an explainer video for the first time, most of the animators make the slip-up of using real screenshots in the video. It is a serious blunder, indeed. Choosing animation over screenshots will significantly increase the lifetime of your video.

Focus More on Benefits than Product's Feature!

When it comes to the explainer videos about the product, your first instinct will be to talk about all the amazing features of the product. You can tell about features, but it will be more beneficial to talk about the benefits of features your product having or what easiness can it offer to its customers. Many people do not care much about what product possess or product’s features. Instead, they care more about the benefits and advantages will they get from the specific product. So, in the race of features and benefits, benefits always win. Elaborate your product features, but give more care about what it can do for the customers or spectators.

Always Write Script First

Sir Alfred Joseph Hitchcock, the well-known filmmaker, once said: ‘to make a great film explainer video, you need at least 3 things: the script, the script, and the script.’ The script will encourage customers to use the product.  Your text must address the problem, should be about the solution of a problem, how it works and a call to action. It is always better to write the script first and then come up with animation.

Keep It Short and to the Point

Usually, you have not more two minutes to explain your product, its features, its benefits and everything between them. This means you have very limited time to get most of the eyeballs and attention of your customers to the video. They should be limited – limited in time, limited in cost. They should be entertaining and straight to the point. The ideal video should be around one-minute long. And believe me, this is enough time to offer a high-quality product video, quality product synopsis, and also encourage the spectator into taking the next step.

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