8 Reasons Why Your Site Is So Moderate

Why people coming on your site trust - or distrust – your website? What is it about the content of your site, the design selections, or the usability of a website that makes it seem untrustworthy among visitors? It is just about everything.

So in this blog we’ll tell you about the things which make your site moderate, so read on:

1.    Your website is moderate because you are not tolerating culprit user account who is breaking your site’s community guidelines, and taking action on his/her account. As a moderator of the website, it is a needed step. You also have to make sure that the banned user is not creating a new account using the same email address.

2.    Your website is moderate if you have turned on the pre-moderation setting for all users, which require all posts to be openly approved by a moderator, except for users who have been added to the Trusted User list.

3.    Your website is moderate because you are hiring a designer, spending heavy bucks on him and letting him focus on efficiency without making any compromise on the quality.

4.    Your website is moderate if you have enabled comment flagging. It can allow you and your users to surface and hide comments most in need of restraint.

5.    Your website is moderate if you do not take impersonation for granted. It occurs when one user cruelly steals both the display name and avatar of another account, making their copy account fuzzy to post malicious content on your website.

6.     Your site sucks when you do not give importance to The Highest Paid Persons Opinion. Hippo is favorable when decisions need to be made without data. In fact, relying on experienced moderator who has years’ experience in the field help you to come up with the moderate sites.

7.    Your website is moderate because you are not putting too much faith on your hired designer. You are not letting him dictate and enforce his will on the entire project.

Spend quality time with your designer and discuss the website that incorporates all the things you want in it. Of course, it must be easy to navigate, SEO friendly, and visually appealing. Make these things possible for your designer to do by establishing effective working relationships.

8.    Your website is moderate because you had given serious attention to the call to action buttons while creating a site. Having compelling CTA buttons on a site is like a key to get high conversion or ROI. On the other hand, lacking CTA or less call to action is a sign that you’re least interested in your visitors’ comfort.

Hopefully, by reading this blog, you may have already known about the things that you have to stop doing to make your website a right place for visitors.

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