5 Surefire Ways to Make Users Scroll down Your Website

Surfing the internet and viewing hundreds of website back to back every day with or without need is something very common in today’s world. A big bulk of websites for any specific product or service are available so it’s really hard to engage the audience with you. Most of the people open any website, view the stuff present in the starting and close the page without viewing rest of the things or scrolling from top to bottom. In such scenarios, the information that any brand wanted to convey to their audience remains untold and result in decreasing the sales graph.

Website designing is an art that needs full calculations to understand the nature of the targeted audience, psychology of general viewers on the internet, time interval that can keep people bound etc. and have to mingle all these with the goals of high sales, more traffic, delivering maximum knowledge and making a brand reputation.

To ease your hassle I am writing this blog to guide you about the tactics through which you can keep the audience engaged and they will scroll down to your website.

Add Visual Cue OR Call to Action

What can be simpler than just telling people to scroll down? On a website, you have to merge things with the design flow so the best way to ask people to scroll down for something that they want to know is to mention that in a creative way. Your call to action content can include text, voice, visual cues, graphics, illustration or just anything.

You have a full platform to be creative and interesting. More unique, artistic and amazing your presentation style is, the more indulgence of audience you will get.

Use Functional Animation

Break your page into scrollable divisions to provide viewers small chunks of interesting or informative stuff regarding your brand, product or services. Within each division, you can introduce things with animations. Animation content is highly attractive for people and transitions force them to shift to next page and they keep following the content path.

Parallax animation effect is found to be a key way to keep people intact to the website and they scroll the page because it generates the illusion of depth entanglement by making the background image move a little slower than the content present in the foreground. When your website needs to define a story in a smooth, linear fashion, long scrolling paired with parallax effect is able to form a completely immersive browsing experience.

Maintaining a Good Starting and Ending

Fact is that people start scrolling right after the page gets uploaded. They keep on scrolling down and down the page only if they find it interesting. The banner, in the beginning, is a good technique to deal with this attitude. Add interesting and important information at the top sections of the page but don’t pull all important things in the beginning because there will be nothing left for people to scroll for.

The right way is to put the first most important thing at the beginning of the page and leave second most important thing for last. Save two important things for ending as well.

Don’t Forget About the Competitors

This is mandatory because in the world of internet it takes minutes to snatch sales form any website. Consumers don’t wait for before going to any other option. By keeping an eye on your competitors you can stay aware of new tactics they are using in their market plan and can act accordingly. This helps the website owners to understand the behavior of targeted audience and their responses.

Be Simple Yet Catch

Make your website design catchy but not complicated. People don’t want to think and indulge their too much mental capacities while surfing on internet. Keep the curiosity alive by positioning things at the right place in your website design in a simpler way.

Add design elements in an organized way so that people can navigate and understand easily. Adding a huge junk of content spice up the website whereas relevant and up to dated content is more cosseting for the website.

To make your things catchy add less text more visual content. Everyone is not interested in reading and also people prefer to watch the video, infographics, picture or graphics more than words.

Hope this piece of writing is helpful for you while designing your website to make people scroll and view your website properly.

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