How to Engage Customers with a Perfect Website

How to Engage Customers with a Perfect Website     

For a highly successful content campaign, the user engagement is just as important as the visibility in search engine results. Not only does this increase brand awareness but also helps boost your SEO rankings as well. The problem however with user engagement is that there are no specific methods to directly measure if the customers engagement is a healthy one or not.

When potential customers visit your website, or to be more specific, the landing page, you have a maximum of 8 seconds during which you can impress the client before he/she leaves your website. In the limited time period you have to make sure they are sure your services are going to be useful for them. Once the clients start to leave your website within a short time period, it is going to increase your bounce rates along with decreasing your site’s position in the Google SERPs.


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Customers are the lifeblood of any business, which is why it is important to engage with them actively. Give these incredible interaction booting strategies a try!        

Hold a Contest

Who does not enjoy getting free stuff? We all never miss a chance to win free goodies. Take advantage of this and hold a contest for your clients. Not only is this going to grab their attention, you are also going to engage them through rewarding them for participating. For instance, you could ask your clients to share photographs and tag your business. The winner receives access to a free product or service.

Live Chat

Live chat is an extremely powerful yet cost effective method which could be used to increase customer engagement on your site. This also helps you provide customized services to your client base. This tool helps prevent customers from leaving your website and also helps clear confusion regarding your services. Most clients prefer talking through live chat rather than waiting for the customer representative to get back to them.

Use Surveys to Understand Client Motivation and Preferences

Including surveys is a remarkable method using which you can increase both customer engagement and retention. Through surveys and polls you can ask the users what their motive for visiting your website was and if they found what they were looking for. This is your chance to analyze your website’s traffic source’s efficiency.         

Host an Event

Whether it is hosting a webinar, a local meet up or industry event, organizing an event either online offline is an amazing approach for your clienteles to learn from others or feel like they are part of an élite community.

Furthermore, there are numerous other ways using which you can increase customer engagement for example providing pop-up notices or other highly popular alternatives such as podcasting. But above everything else, you need remarkable content that your clients are able to relate to.

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