The First 5 Things Your Visitor Want to See When they Land on Your Website

We spend weeks, months and even years in learning website designing and it’s SEO. But most of us do not give much attention to the site’s visitors.

Ignoring the customers or site visitors’ needs and wants is dangerous for your site, this can destroy your site because it is people to whom the site belongs to and for whom it should be.

But don’t worry, if you’ve learned the art of web designing and SEO you can also learn the art of mastery on visitors’ psyche. You just require explicit knowledge of the things that your site visitors want to see or at least expect on your website.

So here is the list of top five things:

1. If It’s Fast:

Intentionally or even unintentionally people check out the speed of the website. To deliver things in a better way is your job, but to deliver them fast is crucial.

There’s a pool of sites allowing people to browse any site. For example, you can find many e-commerce websites dealing with herbal products online. Therefore, it is a must for you to make your site strong enough to grab more visitors’ attention by making it speedier. All you have to do is:

• Optimize or compress the images on site, using tools like and TinyPNG

• Minify or reduce the size of JavaScript or CSS files

• Eliminate or remove render-blocking

2. What is the Website About?

Who are you? What you’re selling? Or what services you’re offering to the customers? These are the things visitors want to know, that should be explained on your site.

Make your key information very clear to your visitors without giving them any stress of extended browsing.

3. If It’s Easy to Navigate

The other significant thing users surely see just after entering your site is navigation. In fact, the website with better navigation system gets higher traffic.

One can easily make his/her site easy to navigate by:

• Maintaining the consistency in elements

• Defined categories and sub-categories

• Putting relevant Call-to actions to assist visitors

4. Relevancy

Whether your site is about health & fitness, business, media or any other topic, the relevancy is must that every second visitor may want to see.

Allow visitors to find their desired information on your site. Remember the off-topic content is not your way to go.

5. If it’s Neat

Whether it is you or your place, or even your website people will judge you for its neatness and cleanliness. For your visitors the simplicity, neatness or cleanliness matter a lot.

You can give people an appealing experience of simplicity by maintaining the use of white-space in your site.

People coming from different backgrounds may perceive a website differently. But the things mentioned above are the things that every visitor would want to see on your site in the first glance.

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