5 Website Trends You Need to be Aware of In 2018

Website designing field is full of competitors. Hundreds of websites are being launched weekly. Every website has its layout, a way of working, structure and theme. The designers are busy in creating unique, functional and creative designs to improve the quality of their work. In this race from better to best designers keep on trying new things, among which other designers adopt some suitable styles.

Some of the fantastic website design trends of 2018 are mentioned below to help you create highly attractive and efficient designs this year.

Subtle Scrolling Effects

Scrolling is fun. Rather than opening tabs and multiple pages, people like to scroll the page. To make scrolling effect more appealing, you can attach a background picture that stays still while the content present in foreground scrolls up and down.

This technique allows users to enjoy scrolling effect without getting a feel of dullness because of white space or plain backgrounds.

The Emergence of Maximalism

Since last five years design trend was stuck to minimalism approach but now it’s changing. Maximalism is opposite of minimalism. Maximalist designs include profoundly premeditated backgrounds with ornamented typography. It also includes extra elements of designing like patterns or colors set to create flow with the content.

Paint Brush Strokes

Paintbrush strokes of multi colors are added as a design element to create picture frames, underlining of text, and in the production of logos. This technique will add a new spark to your simple designs without overdoing them. Paintbrush strokes are easy to create and blend with design styles. For modern and joyful themes they are a suitable way to make things lucrative.

Grid Free Designing

Grids provide a systematic structure for working, but they play a significant role in limiting the creativity. Many times design layouts look alike to each other because grids restrict designers to use the content and design tools freely. Grid-free designing is very suitable for the design house, interior products, and fashion store websites.

Typography and Calligraphy

Playing with typefaces is not new, but it always works. Cursive styles are in trend these days. Calligraphy and Arabic styles are also being used by designers to create artistic and visually appealing fonts. The customized typography or calligraphy revitalizes the appearance of any random layout.

Bright Colors and Highlights

Bright colors initiate a curiosity in viewer’s mind and also direct them to take specific actions. Call to actions in bright colors generate a dominating effect and grabs the attention of viewers. Bright colors in overall designing make a boring design appealing and striking as well.

Highlighting hues converge the attention of visitors to a specific call to action or picture. Most designers use highlighting colors when they want to prompt out most important thing in their design

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