Increasing Traffic to Your Website 6 Ways to Make It Happen

Having a good website that provides relevant information, answers customer queries, and can become a face of business is just like a golden key to open any doors. But what’s the point of a good site if you’re not getting enough traffic to your website?

Importance of Website Traffic

Website traffic is just like the lifeblood of small business. It allows you:

  • Get targeted visitors to your site
  • Improve your SEO and overall ranking
  • Increase conversions and generate more leads

How to Drive More Traffic to Website?

With 3.74 Billion internet users and 1.24 billion websites, the competition is getting tougher. It is becoming hard to stand out among peers, but one can increase the amount of traffic by using these simple strategies:

Perform On-page SEO

On-page SEO is a method to improve ranking by optimizing web page’s content. Make sure your website is free from broken links and responsive enough for good UX.

Put Indulging Content

Irrelevant content acts like a bad breath buster for your site can make your 70% of online customers discourage to engage. There's a certain type of content you can use for generating enough traffic. You can offer free eBooks to drive great audience and build brand awareness. You can create infographics to get leads as it is liked and shared by the people three times more.

Use Landing Pages

You can also use landing pages to drive heavy traffic to your site. Simply put, it is a single web page, often linked to social media or SEM campaigns to convert site visitors into leads. Both reference and transactional landing pages are used to attract visitors, capture visitor data, and convert a lead. Landing pages can act as a lead magnet to improve instant credibility and improve SEO rank.

Use Relevant keywords

Keywords are essential to every business success. There are two types of keywords: Short tail keywords and long tail keywords. Long tail keywords have three to four words and are used more by people in search. Focus on highly-specific and multiple keywords to rank well and do not put generic words.

There are many freemium keyword tools available for generating keywords. Keyword Tool, WordStream, Cognitive SEO, SERPs WordTracker, TheHoth, keySearch, keywordFinder, ahrefs, and SEOMonitor are some of the many tools for generating keywords relevant to the persona of your website.

Social Media Marketing

It is no longer wondering that social media can help you in getting more traffic to your website. Each platform has its room, rules, and importance in promoting content. Twitter is the best way to get your small message out. Facebook is ideal for knowing competitors in the market. Instagram is good for soaking up marketing messages without getting through the tough time.  Choose the best platform and use each wisely.


Blogging is not only about adding some words or tails in a line without giving a second look. Make sure your blogs are fulfilling the purpose of gaining a good income online by attracting more eyeballs. Target specific audience for your content, create content that is helpful and useful. Also, avoid content generators and do not steal other work. Try to interact with readers by allowing them to comment, like and share your post.

Besides strategies mentioned above, you can also advertise your site and drive heavy traffic by using numerous other strategies:

  1.   Get Google analytics and look into the statistics in detail
  2.   Add a subscribe button to your website
  3.   Accept guest blogging on your website
  4.   Use quality images for your post
  5.   Make your website user friendly

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