6 Design Tips to Improve User Engagement

Driving user engagement on the website is not a piece of cake. You need to put strong efforts, show some patience, and possess strong know-how about the tactics to be used to make users attract longer on web pages. For your convenience, We have compiled few design tips to improve user engagement on web site:

The First Impression Is Everything, Make It Stronger To Get Maximum Results

It takes less than two seconds for a visitor’s eyes to judge the overall appearance of the website. Researchers conducted a study on users’ eye movements as they looked over the web pages and revealed that the better the first impression, the longer the users stayed on the page. The research also revealed that first impressions are 94% design related. Therefore, designers need to make a strong first impression by explaining how the web application works, motivate users to take the further step by adding compelling CTA buttons and allow visitors to know how to get support when they required.

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Improve Page Loading   

Website speed is an important factor, and slow loading is the biggest culprit in destroying user engagement on websites. No matter how well-designed and elegant your site might be if it takes more than 3 seconds to load then it will lose a number of visitors which leads to increased bounce rates and lose of precious conversions. There are tons of different steps can be taken to improve website speed. By minimizing HTTP requests, minifying files, lessening server response time, using the right host, with CDN, and monitoring website speed one can get page load times to where he/she want to be. Moreover, the browser tools like Adblocking, Scripts, Caching, Proxies, and opera can also improve the loading time.

Add Internal Linking Structure

Internal linking is an effective technique for establishing a strong website architecture and to improving user engagement on the website. It connects your content with users and gives Google an idea of the structure of your website that helps increase page views of your site. Always try to keep it on a modest level and avoid overdoing it as it will appear as spamming and destroy your website image.

Simplifying Navigation

Website’s navigation is crucial to the good user experience. When actualize wisely it will help user engagement and result in a higher conversion rate. Though it is simple and predictable, still many designers struggle to make efficient navigation system. Keep navigation system non-distracting with the corrected information architecture and the right nav implementations. On contray, inaccessible nav bar, poor categorization, and slow load are the things that can trouble people on your site.

Use an Effective Writing Style

The writing style is another thing that impacts website user engagement. What writing style works for one user might not graspable by another. There are two predominant writing styles use on websites – a friendly informal tone and a more formal professional tone. Today, a number of sites are using former style – as the formal tone works better for business websites providing more serious content to read. Choosing an effective and relevant writing style as your business voice can not only help you to engage users—it can help you stand out among your peers, and build trust and stay truthful among the audience.

Be Bold and Wear Your Confidence

Whether it is your website or any other thing boldness and confidence are two things to make the website appealing in the eyes of people. It is just you will have to be courageous and overcome your fears of rejection when you try something different. In the start, you may have to deal with people coming from different backgrounds who may not approve your new idea. But you have to stick with your idea, and this is a way to success and make your website outstand in the competitive market.

Other than tips mentioned above, there are numerous different strategies or tips to make users on the website to stay longer and so to convert better, includes:

•    Run tests to observe which thing works best for your website design.

•    Conduct hosts, giveaways, and reward users for referrals, content shares, social media likes, or product reviews/testimonials.

•    Create memorable content that people want to read and watch.

•    Make sure that all of your web pages are consistent in design, and typography.

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