How to Create Relevant & Engaging SEO Report

Generating a useful SEO report is a daunting task, can be challenging to maintain and include most relevant information. In fact, you have to show your clients that what you are doing is actually effective and really working and positively impact their businesses. For that, you have to ask yourself what the criteria of success is for your client. Are your clients struggling with more site’s traffic? 

With keeping their specific business goals in mind, you have to create a comprehensive report which should be inclusive and concise at the same time. Be straight-forward while making a report. The report should be easy to grasp, easy to recall. Your client will lose interest if it’s longer than average. On the other hand, if it’s too short and doesn’t have the relevant or necessary information, they may question you for what the heck they're paying you for! After all every penny you're getting from their pockets is worthy.

Creation SEO report is not easy, but has some easy-to-follow pattern: Have an objective or some issue to solve, a hypothesis or theory and some procedure to get into to resolve specific issues. All of these will lead to observations that will allow you scale the progress and set up a new goal. So,

Determine Your Objective & Form Your Hypotheses

Start with determining your goals and objectives. Make sure you are presenting your present SEO goals clearly for your customers, also explain how these goals will have complete influence on customer's business. Include tangible goals for your online business store and also explain why you’ve chosen them as your goals. By explaining to them what you are working on and what the purpose of it, you can give direction to your report and also set customers’ expectations, also set the expectations of your client. Then, form your hypothesis to solve the issues. For instance, if your customer wants to boost the overall organic search traffic of their websites, you'll want to focus on improving their keyword phrase rankings.

Sketch Your Procedure

Once you have done two things: determine your goal and form your hypothesis. Then you need to show what you’ve gained up to now! Let your client see that his investments are profitable, remind them what they’re giving you and produce a comprehensive SEO report to show how active you have already been.

Record Your Observations

The place where you need to show factual data to your customer is actually an observation portion, here! It is quite simple you have to show your client which of their keywords have improved in the site rankings, and how their Search Visibility has improved. Also, let them know that more visitors are heading to their website. This is a simple yet straightforward way to brag the improvement you’ve made.

After performing all the above steps, draw your conclusions, complete a final review before sending it to the client. Make sure; the report is precise, informational, easy to understand, and concise. Also, check is your report correctly illustrates what you’re working on and how that's positively impacting their overall business goals. Once you’re satisfied with all these things, Schedule your well-crafted, intentional SEO report to auto-send.

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