5 Creative Ways Brand are Using Instagram

Looking for a simple way to convey your brand message to the world?  Instagram is one of the best ways with over 800 million users to express your sentiments and for your product marketing.

Today, many brands with big names are using Instagram stories and getting desirable results in different ways. Some of those ways are being explained in this blog, so read on:

Run Successful Instagram Contest

Want to host a contest to generate publicity for your brand? If yes, then Instagram should be your first choice where you’ve many options. In fact, I’ve seen many marketers doing and achieving faster follower growth for their business.

Start with a plan and write your goals clearly. Check out who can compete you in the market. Watch out the other Instagram contest competitions and see if you can learn anything useful from it. Select and study your targeted customers among those 800 million users of Instagram. Then choose the appropriate contest type with the prize you think you can manage perfectly.

Interactive Visuals

Add more charm with detailed product pictures or interactive videos in your Instagram stories.

Product picture with details shown can make stories more indulging and attract more eyeballs. Capture high-resolution photos or videos with a digital camera. Pay serious attention to the dimension and depths.

Conducting a Poll on Instagram Posting 

Conducting a poll on Instagram stories can be beneficial for brand promotion. It is a great way to not only make brand famous but also get feedback and views from the people.

A poll is a quick, easy, and fun way, all you have to create a story of your product and add a poll sticker wherever you want in it. Remember the poll should be used professionally to acknowledge the customers’ preferences.

Instagram Story Ads

It’s one of the newest trends to catch targeted audience eyes on brand stories. Instagram has launched story ads in 2017, and from then it is being used by many brand owners to gain a higher number of customers.


With 800 million users monthly and 500 million users daily Instagram is becoming a platform where one can easily promote his/her business with interesting tactics. Hashtags are one of those if used wisely can benefit you more than your expectations. There’re two types of hashtags; brand and campaign.

In fact, Instagram stories with more than two compelling Hashtags are 12% more likely get engagement than the stories without hashtags.

Right hashtags that depict your business for right customers is a way to get success. Do you remember the campaign of Cocacola, #shareacoke? It’s one of the most successful among other hashtags.

Wrapping it Up

Using Instagram in a right, creative way is crucial to get customers’ attention on your product stories and so for your business growth.

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