3 Need-to-Know Tips on Website SEO

What is SEO? It is the method of affecting the online prominence of a website in a Google’s unpaid results—often called as organic results. If you possess website or blog, then you need SEO to grow and meet your business objectives.

So, here are some useful need-to-know tips for your website SEO:

Page Titles & Description

Page titles should be the first item on your list. They are a very important aspect of SEO. Even, for many experts, they’re more important than ever, especially for Google SEO. So, make sure that each page must have a unique page title relevant to the page’s content.

Be brief and descriptive. By doing this, you can help the user understand what the page is about or what you are saying in the content. When it comes to the home page title, the title for your homepage can contain your website name and other necessary information like your business’ offerings or maybe a few of its main focuses. In the same way, the headings of other pages of your website should accurately explain what the page is about and be eye-catching to the explorer.

The page description or Meta description is also crucial which provides the user a summary of the topic or page. The rules for creating a good description are:

•    Download the Wordpress’ how to guide and learn how to optimize your site like a professional.

•    Always give your audience a unique description for all pages or post of your website.

•    The ideal size or word count should be 150 to 300.

•    Do not repeat the title in your description.

•    Play wisely with keywords. Don’t add too many keywords on one page.

Build Relevant Bcklinks in a Natural Way

If you are new to SEO, you might not know much about backlinks and how important they are. A “backlink” is generated when an external website links to your website. This why many people refer to them as an “external backlinks.”

Well, not every backlink are created equal though. But, we can use a tool like SEMrush. It is an excellent tool tell you about who is linking to you and who is linking to your competitor’s website.

I recommend you never to buy backlinks. As I know one person, who had purchased some backlinks on a domain name and spend millions and got the thing banned from a search engine. So, buying backlinks is good for nothing. Instead, the best way is to write incredible quality content and the guest post on the best blogs in your niche.

Also, keep in mind that backlinks to your web content are crucial. By this, it meant you have just no chance to make any compromise on the quality of backlinks.

Build Yor Social Media Profile

Today, many people are taking benefits from different social media platforms and so should you, too. Here, the question can be pop-up in your mind, why? Because search engines like Google are now be looking to social media as a sign of authority or maybe ranking. Like, if any post is tweeting or sharing by thousands of people, then it may mean that you had written something exceptionally good thing. The best and important thing to get a number of eyeballs on your content is to build a loyal following and write killer content relevant to your audience preferences. 

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