5 Best Logo Design Trends in 2018

Logo design is the true reflection of any business – from small businesses to large corporations, almost every business has their ideology hidden and captured in their logo. Getting the logo designed is one of the most crucial and critical part for any business owner as it takes multiple stages for them to get fully satisfied with the overall look. Talking according a designer’s perspective, logos are created after keeping a lot of things in concern among which logo trend is most important.

Each year brings out exciting trends which graphic designers experiment their skills with. Here are the Top 5 logo design trends for the year 2018!


Logos are going to be all about simplicity this year. Simplicity and minimal details in logos have defeated all challenges of modern and hi-tech designs that just complicate the idea of any logo. Designers and business owners have collaboratively agreed on making simplest logo designs this year that shall add grace to their websites, visiting cards, ad banners and everything else merchandized with business.

Less Spacing

Designers are reducing space between the letters in logos to give them a breathing look and move the focus from shapes to text. Letter spacing and style greatly impact the overall logo design. Letter spacing also provides that special space for vectors and gradients to make it look even more creative.


Gradients are the in thing till the end of 2018. We had seen gradients succeeding in 2016 and 2017 logo design trends and we expect more transformations in gradients to hit this year. With prominent and bulky gradients you can add grace and style to your logo. 


Say more with less efforts! This has just become the prime objective of the logo industry this year. Alphabets are going to dominate logos in the year 2018. Letter stacking is also gaining prominence and this is how we can be pretty confident about the game of letters being strong this year.


Overlapping designs in logo create an extra touch of creativity. You can use two or more colors overlapping designs as your logo borders or simply craft a striking emblem that catches everyone’s attention!

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