4 Things to Consider When Redesigning Your Logo

The logo is a graphic mark or symbol that depicts business identity. And your business deserves remarkable logo as the first impression of business. The remarkability of a logo depends on a few things: if it’s memorable, familiar, unique, and depicts business ideology or not. In this competitive market you need to stand out among others, if not, you can lose your business identity. A logo is the first impression of your business, and this impression should be perfect. But sometimes designer has to decide to redesign his/her existing logo if it is not up to the requirements of the market.

Logo designing –whether it is your first time or third time requires research and brainstorming. Redesigning existing logo can be equally tough as designing the logo for the first time. For redesigning keep these questions in your mind: Has your business expanded? Do you have new competition in market? Is your logo out-of-date?

For more clarity, I’ve compiled few things to consider before giving a new look to your existing logo:

Think about your Business

What is the nature of your business? What your company is offering to the people? Don’t take these question as for granted. It is important for your logo to convey the message of the business. And if your existing logo doesn’t possess the elements that help customers in getting the brand’s message, then it is of no use. Take these things notably and make your logo accordingly.

Think about Timelessness

You already know how timelessness matters in the logo. If logo fails to interact with the people of yesterday, today, and tomorrow, it fails to succeed. Whether you’re creating your logo for the first time or second time, make sure it will be interactive in future as it is today. Don’t stick with trends, as fads come and go. Think about the adaptability and consider these questions in your mind: Is your logo interactive for the tomorrow's users? Will the colors and other elements of logo work in the future? And redesign your logo accordingly.

Think about Readability

If your existing logo is too difficult to comprehend, then it is better to remake it. You will not get any benefit if your logo is not clear and understandable. The more readable, clear and simple the logo is the more it will benefit you. The readable logo is important in creating brand awareness and loyalty. It helps customers to memorize and also share the message with others.

Think about Competitors

What your competitors are doing is essential to know and in logo redesigning it is crucial to make your new logo not to look like other logos. As the logo is a small pictorial image of a business that should be unique and not identical to any other existing logo. It is always good to double check if your new logo stands out in the market with its uniqueness or not.  

So, these are the four things to consider when redesigning logo. Hopefully you’ve found this blog helpful.

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