The Awesome New Logos of 2018 & What They Have In Common

For the logo, we demand a lot. They should be simple, convey the persona of the brand in a way that it should have to. They’ve to be elegant, timeless, and matchless, but still constant with current graphic design trends.

Simply it is not just a logo or a single symbol. Creating a logo that meets all these prospects is not an easy task. But having a logo that possesses all these characteristics is like a gift for this Year.

Keep an eye on these upcoming trends:

Form Simplication

This trend is about making your design simple enough and stripping to the clean and minimalist as much as possible. It is just like that there are two types of your friends. One is clean, and other is messy, and you have to love both. But when it comes to the logo, there is no room for messiness. With maintaining simplicity, you can make your logo clean and attain perfection.

Hand-Made Design

Hand Drawn Design was there and still in the trend. Of course, it has always been a challenge to translate or made a complicated design on the computer. It requires scanners, USB tablets, vector tracing and many other things. On contrary Handmade designs are fresh to feel and easy to make.

Pattern and Repetition

People attract towards familiar objects. One simple way to attain that simplicity in your logo is through pattern and repetition. You can create brand recognition through maintaining recognition in patterns that customers will never forget.

Moving Logo

People attract more towards aesthetically pleasing logo. And if your logo is kinetic, then it will catch more eyeballs and raises more brand awareness. The kinetic logo also improves site SEO and attract users for an extended period.

Clean Shapes and Texts

Starting with clean shapes and texts is essential. In fact, it is trendy. In fact, it is just like a little brother to the approach of ‘less is more.’ The inherent symbolism can generate a powerful visual masterpiece. 

Letter Stacking

Since 2016, the letter-stacking logo trend has been gaining more popularity. Letters or words when paired with contrast colors and appealing forms, it will look visually appealing.

Airy Feel

It is another hot trend that got equal importance in the preceding year and continues to outshine in 2018. Through the wise use of white parallel lines, you can attain light and airy feel to your emblem.

Now, what they have in common

Great logos do their job without making any fuss. These and many other successful logos trends share many things with each other, like:

  • Professional and experienced hands design them
  • They possess uniqueness
  • They are applicable and works everywhere

And then,

  • They stand out in the market

Still, not convinced? Look at these stats:

  • More than 90% of current logos in the market are minimal
  • Two-fourth of the logos used both an icon and wordmark for clarity of the business
  • More than 60% are angular
  • 89% of the logo used less than three colors

Consider these new trends and make your logo powerful enough this year.

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