Why a Premade Logo isn't Good Enough For Your Business

There are tons of premade logos accessible online. Many of these logos are available at cheaper rates or even free. Some sites offer to make slight changes to a premade logo at a minimum cost of 2$-10$. But all such logos are not suitable if you wish to mark worth of your brand and company in the market.

Copied Version Will Remain Copied

Premade logos look copied in most cases. Many logos which are close enough to your selected premade logo can easily found on Google. An average 45 versions of a premade logos are available easily on search engines. And stats normally says a popular logos are copied 178 times to create premade logos.

Not Fit For Company`s Ideology

Premade logos can never fit your company`s ideology completely. You have to compromise on several points including color selection, design basis, hidden messages, etc. So a customized logo is the best option to portray an authentic version of the company`s ideology and motives.

No Uniqueness, Less Worth

The logo is the symbolic representation of your brand. A symbol with no clear meanings or several meanings will surely confuse your audience. People remember M of McDonald's because of its uniqueness and individuality. No matter how many versions you create from that particular design, the yellow “M” with that specific circular form will drag audience mind to McDonald's only. So the uniqueness and individuality of logo design play a vital role in creating market worth of any brand.

Unprofessional in all Ways

Premade logos are never considered professional. So a company starting a business with a premade logo will not be able to showcase its professional worth in front of its audience. People will always doubt that you may adopt some shortcuts to accomplish the tasks given by them to your company. Obviously not a great image for the business.

No Research, No Concept

Premade logos are not created with research or theme-based ideas. They are just created to keep the workflow alive by designers or companies. When designer research about the company, competitors, ideology, audience, psychology, etc. they use all elements to describe the missions and aims of a company. From colors to textures, size of elements to every dot, everything is placed with s

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