Avoid These 5 Things to Share on Social Media

Tons of thanks to this fast-growing social networking sites for making our entire lives in a public view, leaving no confidentiality -- well that’s not sarcasm it is actually happening. Everything comes with its own good and bad, but in this age of sharing, it can be tough to tell where to set a limit.

That's where this list comes into play, move down the screen:

Avoid Political Posts

It is very common to see people or even businesses violating this guideline on social media: do not post sensitive political commentary or links. In fact, many companies are taking opinions on so-called political issues. Posting political content is a serious issue and if it’s must, then, have a plan for handling the backlash. By all means, don’t argue with your viewers.

Religious Posts

Just like political issues the sharing of religious posts is a critical issue, cannot be overlooked. I will only suggest you whenever you choose to share your considerations and beliefs on religious matters, do so with the full acquaintance of the risks.

Misleading Posts

The content with appealing headlines is a way to go, but sticking only with the headlines is enough to end up with disastrous consequences. The headings and the underline content should be relevant and up to the interest of people. As it makes no time to make your readers confuse or bore if anything in your content is misleading.

Be very careful about promoting your posts and talking about your opponents. Avoid making claims that you are not sure about in the expectations of more likes. Be sure that every mentioned thing must pass the truth test.

Negative Posts about Customers

Your customers are those people who have made you – your golden key to success. This way, posting any negative thing about them is not a good idea - whether it is quarreling wits with customers, recalling stories where a customer acted idiotically or anything like that. If a negative experience with a customer encourages you to post something on social media, wait a few days before doing so as what may come off as a rant while emotions are high, may turn into a useful ‘here’s how you can help us help you’ after you’ve cooled down. Who knows after some time you may be able to convert a frustrated customer into a happy one by merely treating him politely.

Inappropriate Viral Content

Keep this in your mind that not everything you watch or experience and found good is shareable or belongs on social media pages. So, try to limit viral content to sharing posts that are stimulating or funny, so long as it is related to your spectators. You can also create a particular time and place to share those silly content. Like, you could elect Weekend as ‘Weekend vines' and share a few funny posts you’ve collected all the weekdays.

Lastly, I would say be very careful about what you are sharing. For me sharing is a matter of choice, so think what things are shareable and what not. Once knowing those not to do sharing stuff, just avoid them in any case.

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