3 Reasons Why Simple & Clean Web Designs are Better

Maintaining the simplicity is an essential aspect of anything whether it is an art, furniture, sports or even in web designs. Simple web designs are functional one that possessed minimum ‘information-rich’ content without any interruptions or load. Nowadays, ‘’less is more’’ is a strategy that makes your web design different from others, can give you more viewers.

A website is a place where people don’t take more than a minute to judge web designs or its content. And if they found any complexities while using, they leave within a second. Designs that are complex are considered as less aesthetic than a simple one. Therefore, simple web designs are better and even more responsive.

Responsive Web Design always plays an important role whenever going to promote your website

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There are three reasons, why simple designs are better

Scientifically Easier to Process

We usually prefer less-complicated things around us. It is our nature; we want a car with less-complicated features and so on. Why? Because the human brain is complicated, and cannot quickly grasp complexities. In fact, there’s a science behind this specific human behavior. While perceiving anything, retina changes visual perception and transfer the information to the brain in the form of electrical impulses. If there’s more usage of color and light in designs, then it takes more time to process, of course. Simple designs, unlike complex designs, do not use other kinds of stuff, color or light. Therefore, simple designs are preferable.

Faster Page Loading

If your website is taking too much time in loading, then it is a serious matter. Sites with simple designs are speedier than a complicated one. Because Complex designs have many things, take more time to load. According to the statistics:

  • Slow page loading can decrease 16% of client’s satisfaction.
  • Down page viewership by 11%.
  • More than 5% of users can lose in conversions during long page-loading

Unfortunately, half of the website users leave the site if it takes too long to load. Even, Google once had to face a severe drop in viewership because of the 5 seconds delay in page loading

Grab the Attention

People coming from different walks of the life enjoy exciting content on the website. Putting Interesting content on sites is essential to catch attention but, if your web design is intricate, then it may divert users’ attention. Simple web design is more accessible for the users that helps them to focus on web content. Therefore, Minimum content, intelligent use of texture, color, shape, lines are the things that may assist you in achieving the perfect balance.

Lastly, Web designing is not an easy task. Designers must know how design can impact its users. Keeping design as simple as possible is a good choice. Even, we have many examples of famous web designers around us. They did the same and believed me they are successful.

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