Things You Need To Know About Logo Redesigning

The stronger logo a company possesses, the more there would be a chance for the business to become popular or memorable. Logo designing seems quite easy but actually, it’s not. Most of the businessperson achieved great logo in the first attempt. For example, Shell and Nike. But, some have to restyle or tweaked their logos as per changing market requirements.

With the passage of time things change, so it would be better (Though in some situation you don’t need) to redefine or re-structure your brand logo. And it is evident that the logo you have created years before cannot communicate with the people of today. Just check out new logo design of Marriot hotels, it is a good example of making your logo more up-to-date for the customers.

Read the below mentioned things if you are going to redesign your logo:

Increasing your Business

Redesigning old existing logo is highly recommended if you are expanding your business or changing any internal things of your brand. Just take a look of Dominos, how they refresh their existing logo to make it more appealing to their extended offerings.

New Rivals

Whether its logo or any other thing related to the business, they should possessed some unique elements. But sometimes or in some conditions, you might get challengers with an akin logo design. In case of new competition, redesign or at least refresh your logo to give it a new, distinguishing or fresh look.

Expanding Audience Demographics:

Your logo should be able to communicate with the people. If you’re going to expand the audience demographics you definitely need some alterations with the logo too. So, give your logo spark or a new look to make it more related to the new audience.

Changing Values

With the passage of time, many business persons add more values to their business. But, they need to realize the importance of logo in communicating their brand value. So if your changing or adding values make your logo related too with the objectives. I am not saying to trash your old logo but if it’s not relevant to the business’ values or mission, reform it.

Logo Redesigning Process

Whether you are designing a new logo for the brand or redesigning the old one, the process would be very similar. The designer should give importance to the simplicity, emerging market trends, use hidden meanings with maintaining the minimalism and readability.

Other Important Things to Know

While redesigning, just keep in your mind:

•    Do compare your redesigned logo to the old design. And also focus, how new logo can become more productive. 

•    With the alteration in the logo, many things can be affected, like customers' emotions towards logo. So try to bring change for a right reason.

•    Try to not mix redesigning with logo refreshing. Both are different, but applicable in different situations. In logo refresh designer does not require many alterations, some variation in color, typography with the same element would be enough, but in redesigning you need to bring prominent change.

Sometimes you have no other choice except redesigning the logo. But don’t be hurry, think again whether you actually need to redesign or the existing logo is good enough, practical, memorable, easy to read, or if it communicates your brand values or goal.

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