5 Tips to Create an Essential E-Commerce User Experience

Ecommerce has taken over the conventional shopping trends with great power. The online shopping experience is more about bringing the customers closer to the brands. Shopping is an experience. We go to the markets, browse along shops and eventually end up buying what seems to be the most convenient product or service keeping the whole experience in concern, from finding the right product till purchasing it.

Likewise, ecommerce has its own parameters of shopping experience. It wouldn’t be wrong to assume that UX plays an eminent role for any ecommerce brand as it denotes the level of satisfaction and shopping experience that a user enjoys with the retailer. A poor UX can actually lead a brand or retailer to disaster causing significant harm to the profit margins in business as the customers are more vulnerable to get disappointed with a bad experience while shopping.

Here are a few handy tips that should be kept in mind to create an essential e-commerce experience for your customers.

Get Smarter with Smartphones

Consumers are apparently more comfortable with doing their shopping from laptops and desktop PCs, however recent studies have concluded that about 50% of the total traffic on ecommerce websites arise from smartphones. This means that a mobile-friendly user experience is a ‘super must’ to have in order to keep the consumers engaged with your website anywhere and anytime.

Make Hassle-free Sign-ups

Lengthy and complicated sign-up forms are a major turn off for consumers while doing the purchasing on an ecommerce website. Consumers prefer a conveniently interactive shopping experience that should consume the least of their time, effort and energy. For keeping a longer relation with your customers, a form having least fields as email address and password will suffice too, instead of asking them for complete residential details, interests and extra personal information.

Design Significantly Counts

The overall website design plays the role of the entire shopping ambiance that can either win or lose the customer at a glance. The design of your ecommerce website shall ideally be clean and focused. By clean, we mean that every page of the website should have good amount of space that doesn’t let the content suffocate while the user stays focused on the product display and the features. The more the clear will be the product and category directions on your website, the longer and effective will be the user’s stay.

Encourage charges Transparency

It is better to display the delivery and extra charges on purchase over the website as visibly as you could. Customers embrace the charges if they a find that decent transparency is maintained from the retailers, therefore, it is going to be a mistake if you keep the charges hidden from them. This may lose them!

Efficiently Search Function

It conveniently gets annoying for customers if they don’t find what they look for on an ecommerce website. The search function on your website should be so efficient that it fetches the right product quickly with the given keywords. So basically there is a lot that helps in building up a successful user experience on an ecommerce website!

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