Top 5 Spots on Your Website for CTA Buttons

In web designing, a call to action or CTA is created to instruct or guide the audience and incite an immediate response from them. They are typically written as a command to get the site visitors to a specific action you desire on your website. These little buttons have their own importance and value.

Usually, CTAs are generated to do the following:

  • Keep visitors on the website for longer
  • Move site visitors into your lead funnel
  • Guide visitors about taking the next step

Undoubtedly, CTAs buttons are a crucial part of the website. An excellent and relevant call to action not only direct users, but also improve conversion rates, and help your site reach its definite objectives.

Some common call to action phrases are being used for:

  • Register
  • Sign-Up
  • Order Now
  • Share
  • Follow
  • Download Now
  • Click here
  • Get Your Copy
  • Call us

Keeping the option of using text-based, image or a button as a CTA to guide website visitors to the landing pages and to convert the potential customers into leads, I’ve mentioned some of the important places to put CTAs:

On Your Blog

The blog you have made for sharing your creative ideas is an ideal place for Call to actions. This way you can easily convert your blog readers into leads. You can see many well-designed blogs with amazing content. Still, they’re failing to make any valuable leads. Wondering why? One of the most critical reason is not including the call-to-action in a website. No calls-to-action is meant no/ fewer conversions in site. Call-to-actions can be designed differently on a blog page. They could be on in-text links, sidebar images, and banners through the bottom or top. Your calls-to-action must offer something valuable to the readers. Let’s say you can provide social media connections, blog subscriptions, downloadable content, and many things more. You can see some famous bloggers’ work.

In Presentation

So, you got the powers of words? Do not waste them. If you have a chance to speak at events and business conferences, take full benefit of it. All you need is to choose some compelling call to actions’ messages relevant to your business. Add them directly to the presentation. Sending people to the website for more information is just making more sense.

Within Content

You don't have to stop even your panorama has converted into a lead by some useful strategies. Instead, offer them something more valuable which they feel to say no. Let’s say; you had offered them an eBooks, newsletter subscriptions, webinar registration, etc. Now, get your eyes on something more useful than these. Think about the offerings your customers will like most and offer them content to lead customers through when purchasing products or better say to the sales funnel.

In Videos

Undoubtedly, video content is an important thing when it comes to the content marketing. Like the text-based articles, videos should also have the same types of CTAs on them. So, include a simple to remember URL in your videos so it can be perceived even if anyone embeds your video on their website or blog. Then add a CTA and link in your video’s description on video sharing site.

In Paid Media

No matter what type of media you’re choosing whether electronic, print media. Your paid-media must include some call-to-actions relevant to your business that should be consistent with the landing page the user will go to after they click on the ad or enter a URL in their browser. With this means that you require optimizing your paid ads just as you would create a CTA on your site.

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