Follow These Principles to Design a Creative Logo

To create a logo as your brand’s depiction and make it memorable by putting all essential elements isn’t that easy. One must have to know principles of designing and understand their significance. For this purpose, I’ve compiled some of the crucial designs’ principles, so read on:

Minimalism - Design A Logo with ‘Less Is More’ Approach

Minimalism is a theory with the core idea of, ‘less is more,’ has gained popularity in the field of art and technology in the late 19th century. Now, the idea influenced almost everywhere from design to even daily-lifestyle chores.

Minimal design or Simplification has its own indubitable importance in logo designing. In fact, adding unnecessary elements on logo can make audience challenging to grasp the core idea of business. Try to focus only meaningful or essential things that are used to describe the ideology of business.

Remember minimalism is a timeless design. Start with clean lines, use simple geometrical shapes, prefer decent colors and avoid heavy ornamentation in it. I would rather suggest you to use your brand name as your logo. In fact, we’ve many examples of brands with minimal designs’ logo. Nike, Airplane, Athletic Yard, Bear, Bridge LLC, and especially Burj Khalifa are one of those successful brands who actually used brand name on their logos to depict their business reputation.

Uniqueness -- Design Should Be Identified, Not Identical

Beware Logo is like your business face that must be created wisely otherwise it can harm your business. As more than 40% of people use the logo as a means to understand brand’s persona and if they found it not interactive, appealing they can step back.

For bringing Uniqueness, just avoid using premade logos, instead, hire an expert who understands your brand and know concepts or designs of the logo.

It’s good to take inspiration from other designs, but don’t copy, in fact, it’s unethical to steal other works. Respect your creativity, understand who you’re and how can you make it even better than preceding’s logos. 

Brand Reflection – Design a Logo to Convey Your Business Ideology

What your brand persona is or what your business is all about? These questions should be given importance to make the logo as brand reflection.

For instance, if you have really worked hard and did everything, but if your logo fails to reflect your business persona, then it is of no use. Along with the use of the appropriate tool and knowledge of trendy concepts be very careful of its relevancy to your brand.

List down all the essential things of your business and see if your logo actually have all or not. Also use color wisely, study every color, its properties and use the most relevant color to your brand.

So, these’re some of the designing principles for your yet to be made logo. I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog.

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