Amazing Logo Design Trend that You Should Follow in 2018

A logo is a pictorial representation of a brand. It usually consists of brand`s name, initials of brand`s name designed in a way that it caters enterprise niche or a design format with a picture that reflects the ideology of the brand.  A logo gives a life to a brand because the human mind can memorize graphical or pictorial image for a longer time than a word or a name.

A logo should reflects the ideology of the brand. Every color or design element in a logo should follow the brand`s theme and it must play a part in expressing brand`s message to the audience.

For an amazing logo, it is ideal to follow current market trends and research before starting the design process. For your ease, I have compiled some amazing market trends of 2018 that can help you create a worthy and wonderful logo for any brand.

Digital Paintbrush Logo

Paintbrush tool is available in every software that is used for designing. Paintbrush-style adds sparks to a design. Strokes of multi-colors or a selective combination of two or three colors beautify the design and give it a joyful feel. For brands like digital marketing companies, creative production companies, design houses, and interior planners, digital paintbrush logos are suitable as well as a stylish representation of their brand.

GIF Logo

GIF logo is an emerging trend in the digital marketing world. A design with motion adds more value to a brand. This trend is creative and attention grabbing for the audience. You can use GIF logos as display picture and banner of social media pages. GIFs can make a simple logo highly lucrative in a suitable and sophisticated way.

Glass Effect

Setting a picture in one layer and putting rest of the design elements in the layers above to it, making the top layer base translucent create a mirror-like effect. This technique allows designers to hide something amazing in a way that initiates curiosity and viewers serve time to unfold it. It is an attention-grabbing technique that looks sophisticated and stylish.

Color Overlays

Color overlay is not a new technique but is in trend now. Color overlays show the bonding between different working areas of a company or brand. It gives a royal look to logo design. It is simple to apply and attractive as well.

Typography, Calligraphy, and Monograms

Typography had always been a charming element of logo designs. Attractive fonts, cursive writing and appealing mix of typefaces with design elements showcase the creativity of a designer and brand name at a time.

For Middle Eastern and Asian brands Arabic, Urdu, Persian alphabets written in calligraphic style is the new trend of logo designing. Mainly following Iranian Islamic art style or Arabic style some elements of designing are added with typeface to generate appealing and unique logo.

Using typography or calligraphy, designers blend some modern mediums and styles of designing to create a monogram. Monograms are considered modern, minimal and social media oriented designs.

There are several more amazing trends on their way to hit the market because designers are working hard to bring newest styles for 2018. Mentioned points can help you reshape your way of working and can add a new spark to your designs.

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