6 Top Trending Logo Design Techniques of 2018

Logo design provides a symbolic representation of your business and gives a unique brand recognition for customers. Every small and large sized business have their own identity of the logo which clearly represents them in the market. Every year, there comes a new trend in logo design to give a popular and colorful appeal of your brand to grab the keen noticeable attention of customers.

In this blog, we will be sharing the six top trending logo design techniques for this year of 2018.


Typography is a new font writing style to give an artistic and creative sense to attract customers. It consists of a custom typeface style to provide a more literal interpretation of words. There is also a booming trend of retro style typography, dotted font typography, split typography, chaotic typography, and hand effect typography for a visual representation of words with bold font sizes.

Responsive Logo Design

Responsive logo design is a technique which inspires creativity in business logos by creating a more sense of variety and versatility. It includes posters, signboards, business cards, banners, office stationery, and brochures for your business.

Color Overlay

Color overlay defines an illustration of colors and shades to give a transparency effect to your brand logo design. It helps creates impressive logos with a beautiful blend of colors for presenting your brand a prominent look. It comprises of bright, bold hues, and minimalist black and white combination of colors.

Grid-Based Logo Design

Grid-based logo design is a geometrical design technique to help portray the real sense of logic, control, theory, and perfection. It provides a well-structured method and a unified approach to communicate the message to customers. It also creatively and stylishly enhances your brand reputation with a timeless and iconic logo design. 

Rainbow Gradient

Rainbow gradient logo design provides a colorful inspiration for your brand. It employs vector logo design for a bold and lasting impression of your brand with an enhanced business reputation. It uses single colors, analogous colors, complementary color scheme, rainbow and naturalistic color schemes for an excellent representation of your brand logo.

Social Media Optimized Logos

Social media optimized logos are the perfect symbols for showing up a dynamic social media presence of your online brand. These logos offer a distinctive reputation and stable image of your brand on social media with a powerful recognition among the vast amount of customers.

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