5 Things to Spark Your Creativity With These Logo Design Concepts

Creating a logo isn’t a piece of cake, it is a daunting task. A logo is something that is going to remain the face of the brand for a long time, hence should be original, fascinating and fresh.

If you are struggling with logo designing, then read this blog carefully. In this blog we are going to explain you some of the most important and useful concepts of logo designing:


There was a time when logo with heavy use of ornamentations, bulky visuals or fonts might sound practical, but not today.

The best logo doesn’t come with multiple shades of colors, heavy typefaces, and heavy decorations. They should be simple and classy. Try to start with neat lines and avoid extra shading or colors in your logo. You can also use your brand name as logo. In fact, if your logo is your brand name, then it will reflect your business ideology more.


Along with simplicity also focus on flexibility in your logo. The more flexible a logo is, the more it would be applicable to different social media platforms. In other words, it should be readable and graspable on different backgrounds or sizes by the viewers.

Color Choice

Colors aren’t just hues. Every color has a story, can impact or affects differently on the human psyche. Therefore, the designer should use every color carefully in his logo to influence customers’ emotions or perceptions. He/she must know the color psyche and its impact.

So here I’ve presented a small presentation of color relationship with human psyche:

RED. Physical

BLUE. Intellectual

YELLOW. Emotional

GREEN. Balance

VIOLET. Spiritual

ORANGE. Fun, Abundance

BLACK. Glamour

Try to study every color, grasp its deep subliminal meanings, and its impacts on different people. Then use color wisely according to the persona of your brand.


Remember your logo should be capable of communicating with the people of today and of tomorrow. If the logo was created with the idea of timelessness, then the logo will work for the long period of time.

Don’t use elements or colors that are too trendy, as trends come and go. Instead, choose color or design that will be used as a brand representation for an extended period.

Brand Representation

A perfect logo is a representation of your brand. Therefore it must possess some elements which you think can be useful to deliver your brand ideologies to the people.

Your customers should know maximum things about your brand just by giving it a single glance. If your logo tells or represents your brand story, it would be more memorable or more appealing to your customers.

So these are the things through which one can add spark in logos with his/her creativity. I hope you have found today’s blog helpful.

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